Sunday, September 23, 2012

National Book Festival in D.C.

This years National Book Festival poster!

This weekend was the National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. on the National Mall. What a beautiful weekend it turned out to be, you couldn't have asked for better weather! I had heard about it from one of my education professors and was strongly encouraged to go AND my mom had also heard about it SO we went and made it an adventure. What an experience! It was packed and it was great to see all the {free!} resources they had to share to promote literacy for all ages. The author talks were interesting to hear, especially since one of the author's has two children at the school I work at! If you were lucky you could get autographed copies of children's picture books!! We were bummed when we found out we were missing Patricia Polacco on Sunday, she is one of my mom's favorite authors.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Can I just tell you how much I LOVE inspiring/motivating quotes and that I enjoy sharing them with everyone too!

 This is my quote journal that I purchased a some craft store when I was in highschool. I bought this because I kept writing down my favorite quotes on all these random pieces of paper and I wanted ONE place to keep them ALL.

As you can see, over the years I have added a lot - there are more on other pages but I figured you get the point! 

One of my education professors shared this quote with us in class, and then pointed out that he also signs the bottom of each email with it. Of course, I added it to my journal! I decided to make it and share it with ya'll to post on your desk, in your planner, on a bulletin board - anywhere!


"If it's free, it's for me!" 
 I love free things - don't you?!
Over the summer I worked at a summer camp where each week there was a new theme. I found a lot of my ideas from Pinterest and great bloggers like you! During space week I create this space journal for the kiddos to fill out everyday when we watched a short, age-level appropriate video. They'd write down important things they heard, and were able to draw their own picture. I'm bummed though - I can't find the picture of students' covers they decorated. They did a FANTASTIC job designing their covers making it look like outerspace. The picture above will have to do for now! 

As we teach our kiddos, "caring is sharing" - I firmly believe we need to remember to practice what we preach. I would like to share this document with you for your class! (This is my first time linking a picture to what I believe is called a GoogleDoc...hope it's free and accessible!)

PS-for some reason when I saved it as a PDF or uploaded the file onto GoogleDocs a small dash (open the document and you will see) anyone? :)

Monday, September 17, 2012

My First Post!

I finally made myself a blog! Now I can use Pinterest, and blogs as great procrastination tools! So long homework! (Just kidding..)
I am so excited to join the blogging world! I have been looking at some teaching blogs for a while and I finally decided to create my own! :) I had a blog once before, for a class in high school -it has been awhile, and let's be honest I wasn't that creative! I am excited to learn all the blogging tricks  and I wouldn't be able to do it without a little help from Teacher Blogging Basics.  A friend of mine, Alex,  has been blogging for awhile, she is now a 1st year teacher and off to a rockin' start! I have been following her blog, and she has GREAT ideas - she is such an inspiration to me!
I am currently pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Psychology at the University of Mary Washington, this is my last year (wahoo for being a senior!) As an undergrad, I am currently taking many education courses and practicum placements as well as my major requirements. After graduating, I will immediately go into the Master's Program to start my Master's of Elementary Education also at the University of Mary Washington. It is a 5 year accelerated program, which I will be very thankful for in the future! I can't wait to start my student teaching year!
I am excited to be a part of the blogging world now! If you have any ideas, tips, or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them! I can't wait to start posting and becoming a blogging expert like many of you all :)