Tuesday, September 18, 2012


"If it's free, it's for me!" 
 I love free things - don't you?!
Over the summer I worked at a summer camp where each week there was a new theme. I found a lot of my ideas from Pinterest and great bloggers like you! During space week I create this space journal for the kiddos to fill out everyday when we watched a short, age-level appropriate video. They'd write down important things they heard, and were able to draw their own picture. I'm bummed though - I can't find the picture of students' covers they decorated. They did a FANTASTIC job designing their covers making it look like outerspace. The picture above will have to do for now! 

As we teach our kiddos, "caring is sharing" - I firmly believe we need to remember to practice what we preach. I would like to share this document with you for your class! (This is my first time linking a picture to what I believe is called a GoogleDoc...hope it's free and accessible!)

PS-for some reason when I saved it as a PDF or uploaded the file onto GoogleDocs a small dash (open the document and you will see)...help anyone? :)

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