Thursday, March 7, 2013

SEUSStacular Celebration

One of my favorite days!

Dr. Seuss's birthday was on Saturday March 2nd - however as much as I LOVE being in the classroom with the kiddos... Saturdays the weekend is my time! In my practicum class with Kinders, we celebrated on Friday, starting the day off right with Green Eggs and Ham! All the kids tried it, I was surprised! I made a few things: a reading tote (for my Dr. Seuss books, of course), a Seuss shirt, and center activities!

~Seuss tote:
Oh iron ons. That about sums it up. I thought it would iron on with transparent background...luckily I learned otherwise on this tote instead of my red tshirt. My roommate suggested the idea to add a ribbon border to the iron on page, and to add some scrunched ruffle to the handles. I thought it ended up looking less of a disaster!

~Seuss shirt:
This is one of my favorite quotes! I have seen it on shirts, bags, walls, framed and I am sure many other places. I loved the way this turned out.

~Seuss Centers:

Patterns, Basic Addition, Ending Sounds Color

**I will post pictures of my center activities in a few days and maybe even give you some freebies!

DIY Teacher Organizer

It's been awhile FOREVER since I last posted. I was super busy with school, but thankfully I am in my last semester and it is more relaxed - finally! Here is one of the things I worked on while I was absent from the blogging world, a "teacher organizer" which have been all over Pinterest! I helped my mom make one for her new 3rd grade classroom back in August, and I saw one in my friend Alex's I decided to make myself one!

I was also inspired by Molly from Lessons with Laughter and Tara from 4th Grade Frolics!

Lessons with Laughter

Here is mine! It was easy to make, I think it was because of the paint I used...I didn't need a primer! Less steps=better! I need to find cuter scrapbook paper though. Where do you find cute paper? Share in a comment!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Win It Wednesday from Monkee's!

Monkee's is a local boutique that sells the cutest clothes, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories. They just created a brand new blog, which you can visit here. To gain some followers on their new blog they created a contest for "Win It Wednesday!", see below for contest instructions. I hope I win - the prize is so cute!

This store cells my FAVORITE sandals...Jack Rogers. Expensive for a teachers budget-yes, BUT they offer a teacher's discount {i think} and they go with any outfit...okay maybe not gym clothes but you get the picture! Below are a pair that I bought from the store called "Jack Rogers Navajo Metallic Gold" which can be purchased from their website.
I also follow them on Facebook and Pinterest, where they share Outfits of the Day {OOTD} which I just love to look at. Here are a couple of my favorites!
Anyways, check them out and don't forget to enter their contest!