Monday, April 8, 2013

Student Teacher Gifts - You survived your masters year!

At University of Mary Washington we have a very encouraging, caring education program. Not to mention it's what this school is known for! Undergrads in the Education Dept. decorate and fill "teacher pots" that are given to Master's Students in the Education program. It is a gift to them for their own classroom with a bunch of goodies to congratulate them on completing their student teaching/masters in education.

I graduate with my Bachelors in Psychology in 1 month!!!!! Then next year around this time I too will be completing my student teaching and graduating with my masters!  I can't wait for these new journeys!!

Here is the pot I created!

The black paint is chalk paint so I can write the teachers name on it - or they could write what they want on it!

I have made this for a friend of mine and this is how she uses her's in her classroom - take a look on The School Potato's blog! Scroll down to #2 Celebrations and Concerns!

Happy Monday!

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